Welcome to Pete Lenton Car Trimmers!

About Us
  • Peter Lenton Car Trimmers Was established in 1981.
  • Our aim is to demonstrate what we do, who we’ve done it for, and how we might be of service to you.
  • We are a small business and we give excellent service.
  • We only use first class materials and all our work is guaranteed.
  • In a nutshell Peter Lenton Car Interiors specialises in car trimming, but we also work with power boat interiors, and seating in light aircraft !
  • The standard of service we provide shall always set us apart from the rest.
Our services include:
  • Be-Spoke Seat Re-Trims
  • Hood Repairs / New
  • Seat Repairs
  • Full Interior Car Trimming
  • Sunroofs

Check our some of our work which can be found on our gallery page next door.

If you have an impending project, feel free to drop us a line drop us a line.

We’d be happy to hear from you.